10 Ways to Reduce Lead Exposure

October 12, 2021
Reduce Lead Exposure

Lead exposure is a serious issue that we should all be concerned with.

It’s not just for the children in our lives, it’s also an issue for those who are exposed to lead while at work or through other means.

In this post you will learn about the dangers of lead based paint and how to reduce your risk of being exposed to it.

Lead Based Paint Warnings

  1. Read the warnings on paint cans carefully. Lead dust can be created when you’re sanding, cutting or scraping lead based paint so make sure that those actions are taking place in a well-ventilated area and always wear protective gloves, mask, and clothes to prevent exposure. Many countries have banned lead-based paints from being used. However; older building materials and old furniture could contain lead based paint.
  2. Make sure you wash your hands after working around lead-based paint and before eating, drinking, smoking, handling food or using medications.
  3. Don’t eat around any recently painted surfaces in your home as it can be very dangerous if ingested.
  4. Teach children not to use their chew on panted surfaces.
  5. Switch to water-based paints whenever possible and make sure that your children’s toys are not made of lead paint.
  6. Choose a safer alternative for lawn care, like organic fertilizer or mulch.
  7. If you live in an older home, keep aware of peeling paint on windowsills or the siding (this is a good sign that lead-based paint is present).
  8. If you are thinking of buying an older home, make sure to get it tested for lead.
  9. Encourage your employer or the owner of your building to have all surfaces in your workplace or building tested for lead hazards and take action if any are found.
  10. Lead dust can remain airborne for up to six hours, so it’s important that you and your family avoid all contact with any dust generated during home renovations.

Learn the symptoms of lead exposure: stomach pain, nausea, vomiting, hallucinations, seizures, and high blood lead levels in children. If any are present consult a doctor immediately.

Lead Exposure Is a Serious Issue That We Should All Be Concern

Lead-based paints are dangerous to our health in many different ways. Both children and adults alike should be aware of the dangers that lead can pose.

For instance, if you sand or cut into a surface containing lead paint then your work area (and anything within it) will become contaminated with dust leading to inhalation of the dust as well.

This is an issue for those who work near lead paint on a regular basis, not just children in our lives!

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